Outside city quest in the centre of Umeå

Discover Umeå city at the same time as you solve exciting mysteries – a perfect outdoor activity for friends and family. All you need to participate is to buy an envelope and use your mobile phone for an exciting tour around the city.

There are two different games available; Bo Lodman’s testamente (The testament of Bo Lodman) and Kidnappad (Kidnapped). They both offer an adventurous stroll around Umeå and while playing you can also pause along the way and read more about the sights you pass. You have 12 hours to finish the game so why not pause for a ”Swedish fika” or an ice-cream?

Bo Lodman’s testamente

Bo Lodman, the founder of a secret vampire cult you are a member of, has just passed away. In his safe he kept a list of all members, a list you do not wish to be revealed.

An investigative journalist is also out for the list; however, she lacks your secret weapon: the private notes and a map belonging to Lodman. Can you get to the safe in time?


You, the police, have suspected the antique dealer Greta Ek of a spectacular robbery against the antique-Greek exhibition some years ago. Despite hard work the case has remained unsolved.   

One day  you get a text message from your boss that has been kidnapped by the suspect! Your boss now needs your help to get out.

With some help from the old investigation, can you save your boss in time? 


  • Estimated time: 1-3 hours
  • Length: about 2 kilometres
  • Number of participants: 2-5 persons recommended
  • Technical specifics: At least one smartphone (4G)
  • Price: 400 SEK
  • Where to buy: Elite Hotel Mimer

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